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wMonday, April 05, 2004

Kartasis 1

This is a contemporary dance show I watched at Dewan Bandaraya, DBKL called Kartasis.

Kartasis 2

This particular dance piece was called Erti Damai by Khalib Shafi.

Kartasis 3

This particular dance piece was choreographed by Yusoffnor Called Antara

I'm so drained today. Must be the Monday blues.

Last weekend was productive again. On Friday, I was busy with Ophelia and went home quite late.

Saturday, met Shahrom at KLCC and got a job from him producing a sketch for a private event I can't divulge here quite yet. Big money coming in and a good excuse for me to start a business of my own.

Yeah… I guess its about time. But I hate the paperwork involved. I guess I'll do this after my Bali trip. Not now lah. Anyways, it'll be a production company of sort. Since I'm asked to produce this and that… I might as well start a company like this.

I want to call the company: Sidha Karya Putih. This is an auspicious name for me. As I was reading a book about Balinese masks on Saturday morning (at about 1.30 AM, I think) I came across the mask of Sidha Karya Putih while thinking about setting up this business of mine.

"Description: Sidha Karya Putih- This mask represents a powerful character whose main purpose is to ward off evil spirits that may try to interrupt the occasion. The white face represents the purity of his personality and symbolizes Siwa of the Hindu Trinity. The strange leer reflects the moral of his personal story: things are not always what they appear to be."

My office mate told me I have to prepare a few names just in case this name has been taken up by other business entities (e.g. Sidha Karya Putih unisex hair salon or Sidha Karya Putih Antique furniture). If Sidha Karya Putih is not available, I'll go for Sidha Karya Agung or Sidha Karya Mekar.

If you ask me why I like Indonesian sounding names so much… You guys have to read my sci-fi novel: Dresanala II: Baladewa-x.

I would rather have an Indonesian name for my business than the very "mat saleh" names that Malay businessmen are so keen to adapt (Malay businessmen should ask themselves, why there are a number of successful Chinese businessmen who chose to name their company with Malay/Indonesian names like: Kurnia, Berjaya, Pertama…)

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