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wFriday, April 30, 2004

Bali 36

The boys from Ubud. And you know what, a few moments after this photo was taken, a motorcycle hit the boys and they fell on the road. It was a small accident. Only their ego were bruised.

Bali 37

I bought a couple of masks from Ubud. I keep them in a box just for safe-keeping. I don't think Dia like the idea of me decorating our apartment with masks like these

Bali 38


Bali 39

I bought a Balinese mask fridge magnet here. The boy who's keeping the store is cute actually

Bali 40

Potong bebek angsa, masak di kuali. Nona minta dansa, dansa empat kali. Sorong ke kiri, sorong ke kanan Tralala lala lala lala la la

Yesterday, while I was outside my office, I met an old secondary friend from Singapore, Ri'fahi. Can you imagine that? He still recognizes me, albeit I'm probably not as cute and fabulous looking as I was… ermm 13 years ago.

He came to my office complex to fix a complicated machine. We went out for lunch and ate at my house. I showed him the photo of Sis' wedding. He said Sis looked different. I can only blame the Malay Mak Andam for that. They always manage to make Malay women look like a drag queens on crack. I told Sis she should have gotten a drag queen to do her make up instead. Eh, if they can turn a man into a beautiful woman… they can perform any kind or makeover miracles to make anybody fabulous!

Anyways, I'm heading to Singapore tonight. I'll be watching a play at Substation tomorrow night. A play called The Tempest. On Saturday, I'll probably spend some time meandering around Orchard Road with Pang, Rohaizad and his film-maker buddy, Jasmine Ng.

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