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wThursday, April 29, 2004

Bali 31

The various masks I saw at Ubud

Bali 32

This boy is so good at persuading tourist to come in and buy things from his father's store. He showed me around the store, and I was obliged to buy some stuff from his dad

Bali 33

These are some of the paintings one could buy at Ubud

Bali 34

The rather rustic looking road leading to the Monkey Forest

Bali 35

A Japanese girl, sans the usual "Kuta Cowboys" following her around. She's buying a musical instrument as a souvenir it seems...

Yesterday I was on MC.

About Tipah… I assumed that some of you already knew about the news of her pregnancy. I am currently looking for good homes for the kitten. Please e-mail me if you think of getting yourself a kitten in 3 months time.

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