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wThursday, April 22, 2004

Bali 11

Locals, walking along the Kuta beach

Bali 12

I saw this young man selling a packed breakfast, not unlike our very own "nasi bungkus".

Bali 13

Barong, who is evil but fighting an even eviler force, Rangda

Bali 14

Hanoman, with Barong. I saw this wonderful performance at Batubulan

Bali 15

The dancers dance as if they were mirror images of themselves

My back is killing me.

I am suffering from an acute back pain problem. I had it since I came back from Bali. I carried a luggage that was way too heavy for me.

I shopped till I almost dropped last week in Bali. I really love Bali. I think I fell in love with the island. My heart is still there in Bali. I felt this deep longing to be there again.

I have made a decision to go to Bali again. I am saving as much as I can this time around. There are so many things to do and to see in Bali… So far, I've only done so little.

Sis, if you read this… Tell mom that I had visited Bali last week and here are the photos. I think you should consider coming to this wonderful island with Tom for your long awaited honeymoon…

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