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wMonday, April 12, 2004

Abang Indo Leez 1

OPS Ophelia

Abang Indo Leez 2

OPS Ophelia
These are pictures of Indonesian workers who were chilling out outside their flat, taken by Leez

Last Friday Pang called me to tell me that my articles are the most read in Kakiseni (or something like that. I can't be sure. I was fresh from the gym). Whatever lah. Right now, I just want to see my one of my articles out this week.

Went to see Shahrom on Saturday regarding the wedding sketch I suppose to produce. I borrowed the Turandot DVD from him (Directed by Zhang Yimou and conducted by Zubin Metha. Mr Metha is one of my favorite conductors, other than the late Sir George Solti) so that I'll have some ideas of what to produce. I suppose to watch the DVD yesterday but I was too busy with my aquarium.

I bought a few accessories for my new aquarium (the one I had gotten for free lah). It was fun, but expensive. I've always wanted a marine aquarium, but I guess, I should wait until I can really take care of my fresh water tropical aquarium.

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