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wThursday, March 18, 2004

Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet 6

Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet
Hassan and Affandi having a jolly good time at the editing room.

Yesterday, I had to run some errands for Rohaizad. So, I spent most of time last night going from one place to another. We had our dinner at Bangsar and talked about a project that we are working on. He calls the project, Ophelia. I think I reached home at about 11. So I missed watching The American Idol featuring William Hung.

I'll be meeting Yasmin again, tonight. I thought of introducing Mom and Baba to her, but you see, Peah the cat is not feeling very well back in JB. She broke her leg or something. Silly cat! They are all worried of her wellbeing so they can't stay for long in KL. They wanted to make sure that she is not alone all by herself, even she is not allowed to be outside fearing that she won't be able to run from any possible attacks since she's limping now.

Talking about cats… I saw Taib the cat and Tipah the cat almost "doing it" last night. For some strange reason, Taib made some loud groans and Tipah was ready to embrace his immediate actions, right after the groans. You know, they were fornicating right in the living room.

So I took a rotan and wanted to beat the hell out of Taib, that fat horny cat! But he ran away… Lucky him.

I told my mom, before she leaves KL… She has to send Taib to the vet. Yes folks, I'm going to get him fixed. It's about time, anyway.

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