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wMonday, March 15, 2004

Yasmin Ahmad 1

Yasmin Ahmad
Yasmin talking about films in Balai Seni Lukis Negara

Yasmin Ahmad 2

Yasmin Ahmad
Yasmin, showcasing one of her award winning works for an ads campaign in Singapore

Has it been a busy weekend? It has! I was especially busy on Saturday, and I will tell you why.

First of all, I just want to tell you guys that I have already bought my very own WiFi card. I am tired of downloading my mails at home. They are slow to the point that, I have to use Dia's TM Net account from time to time. It's next to impossible to even go online with my Jaring account. I can't figure out why lah.

Now with my WiFi card, I can go to any hotspots (even my office got one!) and get myself online. Fun isn't it?

On Saturday morning, I went to the gym. And then, at about 11.15, I went to IOI Mall to get myself online at Starbucks. But yYou know what; they don't have hotspots there. And to think that I had spent close to RM20 on drinks and food!

Whatever it is, I spent about an hour smocking, re-writing my scripts. And calling my mom.

I told my mom that I am writing a play, and if everything went on smoothly, I want her to come to KL and watch my play. She gave me some encouragement. But she did ask me if I were to get paid writing the play. I said… I never even thought of that and it didn't even occur to me that I should be paid for doing something I really love.

That's why on Friday, I felt strange receiving my checks from Kakiseni. The amount that I received was… to me, enough to buy me an airline tiket to Bali. Which I did, by the way. Yes, folks, I went to MATTA and bought me an airline ticket to Bali!

Anyways, after I had it enough with Starbucks, I went to Pay Less Bookstore, which I think is one of the best, if not the best Pay Less Bookstore in town!

I found this book on theatre. The book is expensive and I can't afford to buy the book (hujung bulan, ma!). So I actually sat down at a secluded corner and read.

I went home sleepy. I fell asleep. And the Dia called me to wait for him outside. And then, I traveled back to IOI Mall to do some groceries shopping. You see, Leez and friends were invited by me for dinner.

Well, Leez came on time. With two of her friends, J and another guy who can't decide her drag name.

After dinner, I asked them to read my script. They were good at it. They gave me really good pointers. I really appreciated their help. They were funny. I mean, really funny.

I'll be meeting Yasmin again this afternoon. (For educational pusposes lah... We are in the same industry, after all!) So, I'll be taking a half-day off.

I told her the reason why I am in love with theatres. I told her, as a young boy, I used to be so fascinated with a couple of pictures what my mom kept when she acted in Singapore during her college days.

That pictures alone, made me fell in love with theatres and taking picture of people acting on stage.

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