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wThursday, March 25, 2004

OPS Ophelia 8

OPS Ophelia
Shirly, fell deep into her recording session.

OPS Ophelia 9

OPS Ophelia
Ipoh-born Bernice Chauly is multi-talented poet/playwright/scriptwriter, photographer, ex-publisher (of the now defunct Rhino Press), and film maker.

OPS Ophelia 10

OPS Ophelia
I like her smile and I think she has a beautiful husky voice!

Well… I finished writing Kisah Dua Wanita. Got it read yesterday on bed, while I was listening and correcting what's needed to be corrected. Like I said before, I can't read out loud written words in Malay. I'll stumble. I'll get tongue tied.

I have another play to write. It'll be tentatively called: "Cinta Tudung Labuh". It's about a girl who chooses to wear a hijab. And she has a boyfriend who is a metrosexual male. The story is about her lah, not her boyfriend. It's not so much about her love story with her boyfriend but her love and hate relationship with her hijab.

You know what… I'm beginning to walk around and talking to ladies wearing hijab and ask them intrusive questions about why they chooses to wear the hijab. You know what, they are so willing to talk and tell me about their experiences. Like people's perception and all.

I shall start writing, once I finish with my interviews and research.

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