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wWednesday, March 24, 2004

OPS Ophelia 6

OPS Ophelia
Maya, reading her script as a child.

OPS Ophelia 7

OPS Ophelia
Shirly Chang, composing herself and Jerome... supervising the recordings

Didn't get to do anything productive yesterday. My head is filled with my playwriting still. Oh, I have to gather a few actors for a corporate video project. Not an easy thing to do. I'm still short of an actor. It's hard to get an older Chinese (age 40-50) to act in this project.

We simply don't have that many actors in this country. We have lots of young talents, but very few older talents (who are willing to act for a minimal fee).

I'm getting Rohaizad to get me the actor and train my actors. I want them to come to the set prepared.

I can't believe that I'll be heading to Bali next month. I have to carry out some simple research and gather round information. Take tons of pictures. Come home and digest everything. Then, write a novel or a play.

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