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wTuesday, March 23, 2004

OPS Ophelia 4

OPS Ophelia
Farah, reading her script.

OPS Ophelia 5

OPS Ophelia
Maya Arissa Abdullah in the remake of Isteri, Perempuan dan Jalang.

This morning I received an e-mail from Tintin Wulia. It was a long e-mail. I am glad she has the time to actually e-mail me. Thanks to Amir Muhammad, or course. Who is still in Jakarta up till the middle of May. He also told me that Danny Lim, Jerome Kugan & Lorna Tee will be visiting him in Jakarta come Sunday. Haiyoh! Jelesnyerrrr!

Anyways, green eyes aside… Tintin Wulia is a Balinese filmmaker. I have never watched her films but I swear I want to. I am hoping to meet her in Bali and talk about film making with her. I just want to learn about her outlook on Indonesian films and her perspective as a woman living in Indonesia, particularly in Bali.

I read Heiner Muller's work again yesterday and I've decided not to get too deep into his works. I don't want to end up writing like him. I mean, I want to break all possible rules in Malay writings but, I don't want to look as if I am becoming another Heiner Muller, right?

Now, writing an Avant-garde opera/play/fashion show is not easy. I can tell you that and you better believe me. I am still blur. Being blur is important to me right now. And yesterday, I can't believe I actually cried out: "All those years of Shakespeare finally paid off! I'm going to be paid deconstructing Shakespeare!!!" I think I might be going slightly mad.

Got payment for my work, ma? Actually, all these while I thought I'm going to write for free. Writing for free give me the impression and the illusion of freedom to actually write anything I want without the constrain of thinking that I have to write to satisfy a paying audience…Like you people lah, kan? Reading my writings everyday for free.

Maybe, I should have a paradigm shift in my head from now onwards lah.

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