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wWednesday, March 31, 2004

OPS Ophelia 13

OPS Ophelia
Three beautiful women... Who came for last week's audition

OPS Ophelia 14

OPS Ophelia
Last Tango in KL

Yesterday's gym session was fulfilling. I spent about an hour at the gym, which is enough for me because I don't want to over train.

Anyways, I did some research on Bali. I've decided to stay at Nusa Dua and at Ubud. Nusa Dua on the first day and Ubud on the subsequent days. I think I'm going to buy me a good travel guide book on Bali. I think I should do it this afternoon. I have to get my ticket at the travel agent anyways!

I have to write a short script of sort for 7 - 8 year old kids. I'm doing a Madonna.

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