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wMonday, March 22, 2004

OPS Ophelia 1

OPS Ophelia
Rohaizad, along with Dr Faridah and Farah and La Bodega, Bangsar.

OPS Ophelia 2

OPS Ophelia
The beautiful view from Jerome's flat.

OPS Ophelia 3

OPS Ophelia
Farah... Recording her voice.

Last weekend was a productive weekend for me. On Saturday, I have three meetings to attend to. I manage to meet three bloggers. Haxa, Najah and Tifische at Ampang. Rohaizad was with me, of course. We have to meet Najah to talk about our theatre project. Rohaizad really love Najah's idea to write a play about women and their relationship with shoes.

After that, we have to rush to Bangsar. Rohaizad have meeting with Dr Nor Faridah Manaf. She's with The International Islamic University. Farah Ashikin, the actress who is going to act in the monodrama written by me, Kisah Dua Wanita, was there too. (I wanted Farah to play the role I've created in my monodrama from the moment I set my eyes on her. I've later learned that she was in Amir Muhammad's Lips to Lips).

Dr Faridah was helpful by giving a pointer with regard to my script. She asked me to concentrate on the "talak" issue of my story. This is interesting; because initially I really wanted to do it, but I simply didn't have the balls to do it. But Dr Faridah made me realize how this issue affects women and how important it is to address this issue. So, she'll hook me up with a couple of Islamic scholars from IIUM. I can't thank her enough.

Oh by the way… Before you have any wrong ideas. The play is about the plights of women in general, but it's actually a self-criticism against men.

There's another play/opera/fashion show I'm working on. The Ophelia project (working title in Malay: "OPS Ophelia, Sebuah Opera, Drama dan Pertunjukan Fesyen" - or something like that.) On Saturday, I went to Jerome's wonderful flat in Brickfields to carry out recordings of the artists involved with the play and to listen to the score for the play/opera/fashion show prepared by him.

I have to read the works of Heiner Muller (he was a German playwright, who was said to be the successor to Bertolt Brecht). Rohaizad asked me to read his works. I have to write poetries and texts for the play… And Rohaizad wanted me to follow the anarchic style of Muller (and I find this not to be a problem after all).

Muller suffered from throat cancer and died in 1995. I beginning to think I will ended up like him. I should stop smoking.

Okay…. This is the kind of stuff I will want to be included in Ophelia. Probably something darker than this:

Kau lah jantan yang aku cintai.
Merobek segala-galanya yang aku sayangi.

Kau ambil. Kau curi. Kau bunuh.
Kau yang aku cintai.

Lubuk Puaka. Yang telah menelan jiwaku.
Adalah hatiku sendiri.

Kau kan kubiarkan pergi
Kerana aku tidak memerlukanmu lagi...

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