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wTuesday, March 09, 2004

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 6

Cameronian Awards 2003
Elaine Daly with Adrian seet. Adrian is a newsreader at TV2. Elaine was the 2003 Ms. Universe representative from Malaysia.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 7

Cameronian Awards 2003
Please make a mental note of Zul Huzaimy Marzuki, a very talented young Malay actor who I think will make it big one day!

Cameronian Awards 2004 - 8

Cameronian Awards 2004
Fahmi Fadzil, a theatre practitioner with the Five Arts Centre.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 9

Cameronian Awards 2003
Loloq. He is one of my favourite Malay songwriter. I feel bad that I didn't tell this to him when I met him.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 10

Cameronian Awards 2003
Patrick Teoh, a famous radio personality who is now an actor, showing off his read armband to protest against censorship in Malaysia. On that day I wore my "Fuck Censorship" button instead.

Yesterday, I started writing my Kisah Dua Wanita script. This is my first time writing a play and I didn't even realise it until much later. I've written boring corporate videos before, but IMHO, they don't really count as real scripts.

I've began to notice how writing a play involves a lot of crafting of words. I could spend hours on a line that will be spoken for less than 10 seconds. A play, especially a monologue is not like a film, where you can have visual narratives to help you with your story. A monologue should be able to convey a story orally, and with a clean sweep, etch the story into the listener's head. This requires a skill.

I know I can tell stories well, but I need my friends to help me along this journey. Dia has been helping me a lot. He gave me some pointers with some basic Malay popular culture references that sometimes elude me.

I've booked Leez time this Saturday, of course. She's like my Technical Advisor since I wrote my first novel. I have to sit down and listen to her advice and what she has to say about my lines. She'll be bringing Jojiena along, who had just came back from Australia when I called her yesterday. She went to the Australian Mardi Gras while she was there: "hari raya adik-adik sundels!" That was what she told me on the phone. She cracked me up, as usual.

So, I've invited both of them for dinner this Saturday. Leez asked me if she can come in drag. Of course you can, dear. You look lovely in drag.

Leez and Jojiena are amazing when they are together. They can throw lines that are so amazing; they can put Simon Callow of American Idol to shame.

I have to pick their brains for lines I can use for the play. I will credit them of course. I always give credits to people who help me with my work.


Last night I watched Pedro Almodovar’s All About My Mother again, just to get the feel of Kisah Dua Wanita. The story is kinda similar, but not the same as you will notice later.

I wanted Dia to watch a scene from the movie. I told him, this scene is so important to me because, if I were to make a film, I want to make film like Almodovar and I want to make a scene like this.

The scene that I’m talking about is the scene when the mother, Manuela decided to run away from Madrid to Barcelona. In that particular scene, the song of Ismael Lô, Tajabone is played in the background. A very heartbreaking song.

In this very short scene, in an instance, the spirit of Barcelona can be felt by the viewer. I wish I could do what Almodovar did to Barcelona to KL.

My eyes get misty every time I watch the scene over and over again.

I think I will use Tajabone and incorporate it in my play. In a scene that I think are both liberating and heartrending.

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