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wFriday, March 12, 2004

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 21

Cameronian Awards 2003
Sivarasah Rasiah with Anne James his wife, and a friend

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 22

Cameronian Awards 2003
Err... you know who they are lah!

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 23

Cameronian Awards 2003
The very talented young Malay men...

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 24

Cameronian Awards 2003
Pang... The current acting editor of

I have no Internet access. So I can't post what I have written now immediately. I am now at my Honda service centre. I guess for you guys who have followed this photoblog closely, must've known that I am on leave today with lots of chores. One of which is taking Tipah the cat to the vet. Which I think have to be postponed to tomorrow. I was just told by my car service representative that my car wont be ready till this afternoon. He actually asked me to take a taxi to jalan-jalan while waiting for his car. As if I'm actually going to do that lah… The Honda service centre is located at Jalan Universiti, PJ. Well, basically in the middle of nowhere.

After I service my car, I have to pay a visit to the Kakiseni's office which is located nearby the Asia Jaya LRT station. I have to pick up my paycheck… go to the bank (if sempat!) and pay my credit card bills on Monday or Tuesday.

I have to travel to Low Yatt Plaza after that. Buy me a WiFi card. And then… Go to KLCC to buy the late night ticket of Buli, a new film by Afdlin Shauki. I have to review this film for Kakiseni. I sure hope this film better be good, or else, Afdlin… If you read this, I have to be honest with my review. I hope you'll appreciate my honesty, whether I like the film or otherwise.

At KLCC, I'll probably lepak at Starbucks to go online. I have to check my mails. Answer them. Update this photoblog and hopefully, yes hopefully, download a couple of MP3s.

After that, I have to pick up Dia at his office. And then drive to Putra World Trade Centre. I am attending MATTA. I am hoping to find a good bargain on airfare because I am going on a vacation soon. Yes I am, and nothing is stopping me. Not like I haven't had a vacation for a long time, but Dia and I need a break from work. I need to do some research and there you go. Fare justifications (read: excuses) right?

After MATTA, back to KLCC and watch Buli.

Oh dear… It's going to be a busy day ahead.

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