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wThursday, March 11, 2004

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 16

Cameronian Awards 2003
Zul Huzaimy with Reza Zainal Abidin. You'll probably recognize Reza from a couple of cute ads. He is also a respected theatre practitioner and a theatre lecturer at UPM.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 17

Cameronian Awards 2003
Lim How Ngean with Ghafir Akbar

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 18

Cameronian Awards 2003
Vernon Adrian Emuang... whom you'll probably recognise from the movie Spinning Gasing Salahhh! Actually this sweet fella is Edwin Sumun

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 19

Cameronian Awards 2003
Nam Ron. He is fast becoming my most favourite Malay writer!

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 20

Cameronian Awards 2003
Rohaizad Suadi, Ray Buono, Joanna Bessey and Ghafir Akhbar

Yesterday, after work, I went to visit a friend at a hospital. He's a fellow blogger who is currently in the hospital for back problems. I went to the hospital with another fellow blogger. We love to take pictures and have a showcase our photographs in our respective blogs.

The thing is, yesterday, when we were in a lift, we saw this newly born baby whom I guessed was a premature infant. The infant looked so small and so fragile. I had my Zire 71 with me and I thought of taking a photo of the situation. But I froze.

When the lift opened, I walked out. I talked to my friend about it. He agreed that it was a "National Geographic" moment that we had missed (he had brought his camera along too). We felt it was inappropriate to take the picture of the premature infant who is probably struggling for his/her dear life. That's why we've decided not to do anything.

I pray for the well being of the baby and hopefully, he/she will grow up to be a human being that will celebrate life and choose love and empathy instead of hate and prejudice.

Let us all pray for that.

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