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wWednesday, March 10, 2004

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 11

Cameronian Awards 2003
This is Mardiana Ismail, acting her part in Nam Ron's Aku Nak Jadi Bintang.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 12

Cameronian Awards 2003
Huzir Sulaiman. Love his plays!

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 13

Cameronian Awards 2003
Yasmin Ahmad with a friend

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 14

Cameronian Awards 2003
Joanna Bessey with Rohaizad Suadi

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 15

Cameronian Awards 2003
Joanna Bessey, Jerome Kugan, Rohaizad Suadi and Ray Buono

Yesterday, while writing? I stopped and ponder for a moment. Why do I write. Like, what do I get from troubling myself to write, and then make Dia listen to me reading my own writing? (which can be a traumatic experience for me, because I can't read Malay very well. I will stumble as if I have a tongue made of lead).

There are a few driving factor why I write my play. One of which is my utmost disgust with self righteous people that always find themselves "di jalan yang benar" ("Holier Than Thou" attitude). They impose their values onto other people and expect people to live the way they live. I find this to be sad and really, there nothing I can do to make them realize that its not cool to be self righteous. And to hate.

So I write this play. I want my audience to see in a subtle way - life in other people's point of view. That life doesn't revolve around them. That they should not impose their believe system onto other people just because they think they are right... But there's a caveat here. I think many theatre goers are open minded people So, there's no point preaching to the already-converted. .

I have this tremendous energy to write because of the existence of self righteous individuals. I noticed how Pedro Almodovar also seems to explore the same theme that I am exploring right now in his films. And that's why I consider him as one of my favorite film makers.


Yesterday, Yasmin SMS-ed me to tell me that she's watching Afdlin Shauki's Buli. Someone gave her a premier ticket. Lucky her. I guess that's the perk of being a sought after Art Director. I really envy her lah.

I am dying to watch this film. I hope you folks too.


I think Tipah the cat is experiencing some problems with her left eye. It's cloudy. It's not that bad, but I'm taking a leave this Friday to send her to the vet.

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