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wMonday, March 08, 2004

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 1

Cameronian Awards 2003
This is Kathy Rowland, one of the brains behind She looked regal and pretty wearing that sari. Okay, enuf brown nosing!

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 2

Cameronian Awards 2003
Kathy with Jit Murad.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 3

Cameronian Awards 2003
Sean Ghazi with Kavita Kaur

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 4

Cameronian Awards 2003
The enigmatic Khatijah Tan. One of my favourite Malay actress.

Cameronian Awards 2003 - 5

Cameronian Awards 2003
That's Shanon Shah with a friend. Shanon is the winner of The Mandarion Oriental Fan of the Arts Most Promising Artist Award.

Last week was a long weekend for me. But I really enjoyed my weekend. On Friday night, I went to the 2nd Cameronian Awards. It was cool. I get to meet some friends. Said hi and all that. Took their pictures.

I really appreciated the fact that I managed to talk to Yasmid Ahmad that night. She told me about her new film, Sepet. She was so enthusiastic about her new project. I told her I can’t wait to watch the new movie.

She later told about the criticism that she’s been getting for Rabun. I had assured her that Rabun is a well made film. I mean, even mom loved Rabun. If I can make my mom love my films… I guess I will be happy for life :)

Anyways, I watched Nam Ron’s play that was performed that night entitled: Aku Nak Jadi Bintang, featuring Mardiana Ismail, who is incidentally Rohaizad’s student. This is one of the best Malay theatre pieces I’ve ever seen. I was mesmerized. It was an incredible experience for me. I am totally humbled by Nam Ron's talent and genius. And by the way, he won the award for Best Original Script – Bahasa Malaysia. He totally deserve that award!

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nam Ron. He gave me the courage and the strength for me to write my new play. Seeing a play like his on stage, is an inspiration for me to start writing my own play... Today!

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