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wFriday, February 27, 2004

Teater Pelajar UPM 5

Teater Pelajar UPM

Teater Pelajar UPM 6

Teater Pelajar UPM

I am heading to my friend’s funeral this morning.

Tomorrow, I am thinking of cutting my hair. Then in the late afternoon, I’ll go to Sungai Buloh to buy some plants and a tree that I will plant in front of my parking compound. The tree will have to be small and unnoticeable, of course, so nobody will bother it. But hopefully, it a couple of years time, it’ll grow big and will shade my car from harmful UV rays (hehehe… sounds like a corny advert to me!).

On Sunday, I’ll be watching Election Day. Matinee show.

Okay guys, I have prepared a “comment” section on my blog so you can leave a word or two behind. But please, don’t leave anything nasty, because I’m going to delete it anyway. As a kind reminder, I am not your therapist and you are not entitled to express your anger to the world in my blog. Do it in your own blog. Don’t give me sad excuses that you don’t have time to create your own blog, so it’s your divine right to come into other people’s blog and then dis them in their own space.

Oh, cute and sometimes sassy comments are always welcome!

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