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wThursday, February 26, 2004

Teater Pelajar UPM 3

Teater Pelajar UPM
A UPM student performing a monologue

Teater Pelajar UPM 4

Teater Pelajar UPM
This guy reminded me of a close friend of mine from Singapore, Ho Chin Chuan - the drama queen from Hougang

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I was lazy; although I kept on telling myself I needed the rest.

I didn’t do anything at home. I just chilled out while watching the UK version of Queer as Folks. I’m going to do the same thing tonight… finish the DVD of course (and thanks Nick, for the DVDs. I promise to return you the DVDs soon!)

I just heard just now that an office colleague might be involved in a car accident. It was only rumors, of course. I hope it’s not true.

I am set to continue writing a novel that has been “terbengkalai” for about a year now. I will probably be in a somber mood once I start writing again.


My friend Wong died in the accident. I went to the crash site just now. I cried when I heard the news in the office. His car was totalled in the accident.

Wong was a Kedah-born guy.

I felt sad because I was quite close to him. He was the guy who sent me home whenever Dia is not around to do so. He was the guy who gave me some sound advice on car maintainance and such. He was the only guy in the office whom I converse with in English.

He just asked me for a favor yesterday to transfer his daughter's and wife's pictures into my palm and then into his new handphone. I thought it was sweet of him to do so.

We often come early to the office. This morning, I didn't wait in front of the office with him to wait for someone to open the door for us.

Yesterday, we did an advert together. I finished a copy and handed the copy to him. He finished his mock-up copy a couple of hours later...

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