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wWednesday, February 25, 2004

Teater Pelajar UPM 1

Teater Pelajar UPM
A mask made by a UPM student

Teater Pelajar UPM 2

Teater Pelajar UPM
This is Rohaizad, a close friend of mine who is also the theatre lecturer at UPM

Yesterday it rained heavily. What did I do after gym? I went home. And then I watched American Idol. And then… I slept early because I felt a bit giddy.

This morning, I measured my fat percentage and it seems that I have managed to lower my fat percentage, but not much. But that’s progress for me lah. I’m not asking for much. I've been taking Hydroxycut pills for more than a couple of weeks now. I wonder if they really work. I'll tell you guys if they actually do.

This weekend I’m planning to watch a play by Huzir Sulaiman called Election Day. I don’t know if the play is of any good, since the script had been butchered by DBKL.

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