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wThursday, February 19, 2004

Singapura 6

This is a busy intersection in Orchard Road. Al-Falah mosque is nearby but I've never been there!

Singapura 7

I took this picture while I was at the Esplanade.

Singapura 8

This is my cousin Izam... He stood still to take pictures of the Singapore skyline from the Esplanade

Yesterday, the UPM Theatre Students' Showcase was fun. They seemed to have a good time amongst themself. Some of the students were indeed talented. One actually looked like a Malaysian-chinese version of Renee Zellweger. I thought she was good. She did a short monologue on Atomic Jaya.

Anyways, Tipah the cat was acting rather weird last night. I think she was on heat or something. She made a rather disturbing noise. You know... like the kind of noise you would hear if a cat is horny. Fortunately Taib is too fat to respond (or please, pleaseeeeee let him be gay so that I don't have to bother to remove his balls!).

I will start posting the photos I took last night, next week. So, watch this space!

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