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wWednesday, February 18, 2004

Singapura 4

This is Pang, Kakiseni's editor. He went to Singapore with me. This photo was teken in front of Takashimaya.

Singapura 4.5


Singapura 5


Singapura 5.5

The last two photos were taken by Pang in Takashimaya's food court on Valentine's day.

Where was the first place I visited once I reached Singapore? Where else but Orchard Road. I've decided to meet Izam at the makan place at Scott's (in front of the GNC store - there are like, GNC everywhere!). After that, we went to Far East Plaza. I've decided that there are nothing much there I could buy, but I ended up buying OutKast's CD (original... I must be feeling rich then).

I thought Singapore has lost some of its charm. Things that can be found in Singapore, can be found in Malaysia. And many things in Singapore are expensive compared to Malaysia. But shopping in Singapore is fun, no doubt about that.

Tonight, I'll be heading to Stor Teater, DBP. I want to check out UPM Theatre students showcase. I'll tell you if they're of any good...

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