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wTuesday, February 17, 2004

Singapura 1


Singapura 2


Singapura 3


I’ve just got my ass back from Singapore. I’m still tired from the long trip. I drove all the way to Singapore and driving in Singapore itself is a trip. All I can say is that, I’ve got bullied way too many times because I used a KL license plate and my car almost got stolen in Singapore (there were a few force entry scratch marks on the side of my car door – tu pon tak serik-serik jugak! And no, I am not as fucked up as Lee Kuan Yew to tell people that it is unsafe to travel to Singapore!).

Singapore it seems, uses different rules when it comes to driving. First of all, everybody drives so slow, I thought I was crawling on the road (I kept on asking Pang if I had indeed hogged the road). The motorcyclist think they rule the road and green light doesn’t always mean green… You car at times have to stop in the middle of the road before you can enter the lane you are heading to.

Whatever it is… I really enjoyed myself here. I will tell you more about my trip in my blog!

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