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wSaturday, February 07, 2004



Bali 2


These pictures were taken by Leez

Yesterday, the complain letter to the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia was written and edited. It was not written by me though. I was hesitant about it really, knowing that Malaysia has consistently punished their whistle blowers. And Malaysians (especially the Malays lah, who else!) are well known to be unable to accept constructive criticism, let alone griping, especially by their fellow citizens (and yes, I'm a Malaysian. And I hope you'll feel better about this).

That's the sad thing about us it seems. We cannot see our own fault. Instead of listening to comments from discontented citizens, we hushed them. We tell them things like: "If you don't like this country, leave!" Instead of looking into matters and try our best to fix things up.

That's Melayu and Malaysia for you. And thank God there are still a few Melayus and Malaysians out there who want to make things happen for the betterment of this country. My partner I guess is one of them. So, I will follow his advice and have the courage to send the complain letter to the respective authorities.

I am doing this because I love this country. I have made the decision, instead of being a Melayu Malas (who just sit down, shake leg, and delude themselves to think that Bolehland is all but perfect), I want to take measures to improve this country, In my own way, one day at a time (Rome was not built in a day, dear).

I hope that in my lifetime, this country will act and progress (both physically and mentally) into a developed nation.

Well, perhaps then, there will be people who will tell those who still want to live in their cesspool of self-denial and with their Third World mentality:

"If you don't like this country, leave!"

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