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wTuesday, January 20, 2004

Ulu Yam 1

Ulu Yam

Sorry for not updating my blog sooner. I've been so busy with my life, lately. Busy shopping lah... Busy watching Queer as Folk lah...

Yes, I've gotten my bonus already. So, the first thing I did on Saturday was to drive (yes, I can drive now) to Ikea and shop. Before that, I went to Ikano Power Centre. It's a cool mall. There's a Harvey Norman store in it with crappy furniture that cost a bomb. The only furniture that caught my eyes and attention was their display unit that was not on sale.

I went to a huge pet store. I bought a Siamese fighting fish which I named Oscar III. He's a beauty, I tell you.

Shopping at Ikea is great fun when you have the monet to spend. So I spent. Close to RM700 on frames and plastic furnitures.

Yesterday, had dinner with Adam and went to MidValley to meet Rohaizad. We went shopping after dinner. He wanted to get a cat taxi for Taib... I bought myself a weighing machine and a fat percentage measurement device.

About Taib... I was told not to give Taib away. So, I will give Rohaizad a refund for the cat taxi he bought yesterday for Taib. I'm yet to tell him that I couldn't give Taib to him...

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