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wWednesday, January 14, 2004

Stesen LRT

Stesen LRT

I have to tell you all that I've been very busy lately with my work, freelance writing and looking up for a car. Yes, I am buying a car. It happened yesterday.

I have trouble finding the right car for myself, you see. I thought I wanted a second-hand sports car, but buying a second-hand car is not an option when I thought about car maintainence and selling off the car after I use the car for 5 years (eh, don't expect me to drive the same car forever lah!).

A few friends in my office suggested Honda. I don't mind driving a Honda because, I just love Honda. I love Honda's futuristic design and it's engineering.

Honda Jazz was suggested yesterday. I thought, okay... I might give it a try lah. So, I called the showroom and went to the showroom after work.

Lo and behold, it was only then in the showroom that I saw Honda City 1.5 (2003). I immediately fell in love with the car. I first saw the car when it was first introduced last year at MidValley Megamall. I thought it was a beautiful car, but back then, I never thought of driving, let alone owning a car.

I was salivating and... Since there was only one black Honda City left, I made a booking for the car. I need the car before the Chinese New Year. I need to drive to JB and back to KL. Moreover, I am right now entertaining the idea of driving to Singapore to catch Alfian Sa'at's Asian Boys Vol 2.

Okay... let's just hope the finance people will be fast with their processing of their loans. And my workplace is kinda subsidizing my loan, so, that's another plus point.

I can't wait to get my new car, lah. Like, I really need the car to go to work, to the gym and meet my friends from time to time after work. I don't want to trouble anybody anymore by "tumpang-ing" their car. Now people have to "tumpang" me, instead :)


Here's some additional info. about Asian Boys Vol. 2

W!ld Rice presents
Asian Boys Vol. 2

Written by Alfian Sa'at
Directed by Ivan Heng

With eight stories, LANDMARKS maps out the universal
afflictions of love, desire and longing - of gay boys
and men in straight Singapore (and the women who love

Characterised by Alfian Sa'at's wit and insight,
LANDMARKS will take you on an entertaining and
enlightening journey across the island's pink map,
from Ann Siang Hill to Fort Road, from comedy to
elegy. It is one journey we promise you won't soon

1. Katong Fugue
Secrets and ties: a son with a hidden life, a mother
desperately trying to reach out. Will they break
through the walls they have erected, or will they
forever languish in a fugue of denial and disguise?

2. Supper at Maxwell
What takes place after an evening of ogling and
cruising at the clubs? More of the same, of course.
Two buddies compare love notes in this affectionate
and affecting comedy of bad table manners

3. Raffles City Rendezvous
Where does sex end and love begin, and how does one
negotiate the treacherous territory in between? A
couple finds out... when they celebrate their third
anniversary with a threesome

4. California Dreaming
It's 8 August, the day of the scene's loudest,
proudest party, but not every circuit boy is raring to
brandish the rainbow flag. A wickedly funny, brutally
pointed inquiry into the true meaning of freedom

5. The Kings of Ann Siang Hill
Classic bathhouse scenario: fiftysomething uncle
approaches haughty young stud. Will it all end in
humiliation, as we expect and dread, or are things
perhaps not as obvious as they seem?

6. Downstream Delta
Barely submerged hopes and heartbreak rise to the
surface, as two men - one straight, one gay -
reminisce about a friendship that develops from a
failed pick-up attempt at the pool...

7. My Own Private Toa Payoh
A two-room flat becomes home, sanctuary, world - in
this deeply felt and moving story about two rent boys
with not much to get by except their love, their
dreams, and all their tomorrows

8. The Widow of Fort Road
A woman is visited by an ex-colleague whom she used to
have a crush on - in the days before the life he'd
kept hidden was wrenched from him, publicly laid bare,
and shattered

Starring: Alex Ng, Ben Xiao, Bill Ang, Bonni Sta
Maria, Brendon Fernandez, Chua Enlai, Harris Zaidi,
Loong Seng Onn, Micheas Chan, Nora Samosir, Phin Wong,
Pierre Goh, Robin Goh, Sebastian Tan, Serene Chen, Tan
Shou Chen, Tony Quek

Tickets available at SISTIC

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