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wThursday, January 15, 2004



Today I drove to work. Not my car lah. A bit nervous, but okay lah. I just need to get use to driving.

BTW, I will tell this only once lah. Some people think I'm single right now. No I'm not. I was asked to not include the story about my relationship here, but talk more about me, me and more me.

Anyways, I can't wait to receive my car and do some alteration to the exterior of the car. I want to add a spoiler, V-Cool tinted screen and a powerful speaker system. I want the kind of speaker that can separate even the most obscure classical music nuances while I'm driving. Sometimes I like to listen to classical music (especially by Bach... or Mozart) while I'm in a car.

I noticed how I like to wonder off thinking about other things while driving and then I'll loose my focus. You want to know what, I often have to tell myself to concentrate while driving and not to "khayal" all the time. That's the thing lah. I like to day dream. That's why I can go for hours not talking to anybody and just have this private and exclusive thoughts up in my head. Sometimes... I don't even talk to my partner for the whole day, and then thinking I just have some wonderful conversations with him, even thought it only happens in my head. (haiyoh... I do sound like I'm a nutcase here, don't I?)

Anways, I'm thinking about staying in Singapore for two days in Singapore. I can't figure out if I should get an expensive hotel like Ritz-Carlton (which was incidentally designed by Pritzker prize-winning architect Kevin Roche), or a mid-range hotel like Hotel Peninsula. Both are walking distance away from The Esplanade. If I stay at Peninsula Hotel, I could stay there for 2 days, indefinitely. Ritz-Carlton... well, you know how much the rates are, lah. A bomb! (but I'm still getting the discounted Internet rates).

Given a choice, I would like to stay at Ritz-Carlton. So, I'll stay there for a day, the rest will be day-trip to Singapore. I'll stay at my parents place in JB (now I can drive, ma. Might as well drive, right?).

Oh, I've cancelled my trips to London, NYC, Chicago and Minneapolis this year. Because I needed the money to buy my car lah, what else. And of course, I want to go to Singapore in style. I want to shop for things-I-don't-need-but-I-bought-them-anyway-because-they-are-cute. I want to meet Izam somewhere and ask him to show us around (us, meaning, me and you know who lah).

The idea of going to the Night Safari is interesting. I'll probably head there on the first day we are there. Shopping wise... ermm... no need to be so "kanchiong" (anxious to the point of stressing you up) right? Just jalan-jalan while eating air (makan angin) first lah. I'm trying to be stress free here. But then again, there's nothing stress free about window shopping, right? There's always this need to consume and your heart race just race when you start seeing the things-I-don't-need-but-I-bought-them-anyway-because-they-are-cute.

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