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wFriday, January 16, 2004

Parachute 2


Yesterday I lepak for a while at Starbucks, KL Central. Suddenly, Pang of saw me there and said hi. Since he was there and I was all alone by myself flipping through a Motors magazine looking for Honda City car kit, I've decided to go next door to Kenny Roger's. Pang ordered his dinner but I declined. I've already eaten at Angkasapuri.

He told me that he'll be heading to Singapore on the last weekend of Asian Boys Vol. 2. There will be a party. He said I should go. Well... I don't really mind, really. I love the idea of going to Singapore every so often. And I don't mind entertaining the idea of watching the play twice.

So, we will probably call pool to Singapore. He said he wants to watch another play by a friend of his. I'll probably catch that one too.

Tonight, I'll be watching Anak Kerbau Mati Emak at Istana Budaya. I asked my friend Azman to get the cheapest ticket so I'll get to sit in front. I love sitting in front while watching a play. I love to see the nuances of a play up front and in your face kinda way.

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