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wTuesday, January 27, 2004



I got my Honda City car yesterday. I was excited of course. Like, you know lah, I've gotten myself a new toy. So I drove myself senseless everywhere. Not really everywhere lah. Haxa and I went to Carrefour Subang yesterday to buy a couple of stuffs for my car. And then I sent him home.

For some weird reason, I feel like a lady driver when I was driving around Subang yesterday. I think it was because I was driving extra careful. Or maybe, the feminine side of me just took over and made me drive like a woman. Like a good driver lah. Some people say that women make bad drivers, but I beg to differ. From my short experience as a driver, I noticed how frivolous male drivers are.

After that, I went home... rested for a while and went out again to Putrajaya. It was fun driving there, since there was hardly any car on the road. I only have problems driving when there are crazy mutherfuckers around driving on the road and on a mission to kill. Yesterday I met one... and he gave me a fuck sign with his hand when he was thinking I was driving too slow while approaching the Sunway toll plaza. I couldn't have cared less because he was driving an old Proton. Saw a Satria Gti and a Wira racing one another. I couldn't have cared less either, unless they were driving a Ferrari. Yes, I am a snob and entitled to be one, hahahaha!

Oh, the car perfume I bought leaked out and somehow caused a minor (maybe major lah to some people) damage to the dashboard paint job. I need to call my salesman if they can actually air-brush the affected area when I want to install V-cool and a spoiler to my car.

I asked my friend about the matter... he said, I can hide the flaw by placing a sticker on the effected area. Like... a "bismillah" sticker. Like, what esle I can put there, right?


Yeah, called the salesman. He said it wouldn't be any problem. Honda has the paint for the dashboard (for careless people like me). Thank God for that!

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