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wFriday, January 30, 2004

Dejavu 3


Dejavu 4


Yesterday I met Nick at Sunway. We went for a cuppa at Starbucks. He's a nice chap. He lent me his collections of Queer As Folks (US version) Season 2, Queer As Folks (UK version) and the complete season one of Will & Grace. Hoorrayyyy!

The car washing and polishing had cost me a bomb because I had agreed to become a member and subsequently I will receive discounts from them. I figured out, in the long run, I will save some money this way, and since the good people of the car wash told me that a black car like mine is very hard to maintain, I probably have to pay them a visit once a week anyway. I need constant washing, waxing and polishing. So there you go. I have a very vain car.

Tonight I'll be heading to Sunway again to watch The Last Samurai. Tomorrow afternoon, I will head to JB with Rohaizad. I have to figure out a way to Larkin terminal to drop him there. It'll be confusing, since I'm not familiar with the roads in JB. But really, I want to joyride around town this weekend!

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