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wMonday, January 12, 2004

Bola PJ


Again, I went out to have a good time with Adam yesterday. I went to KLCC and headed to the Sushi King just because I feel like eating Japanese foods. The sushi were okay, but they were expensive, of course.

After eating, I somehow stubled with Haxa. We went window shooping for a while before we met Adam at Times. I introduced Adam to Haxa and we had decided to lepak at Bukit Bintang area (because we want to look for DVDs). We lepaked at Starbucks and talked for a while. Only then we went to search for our DVDs. One of the DVD I bought was entitled Rouge, a Chinese movie starring the late Anita Mui.

We then took a monorail to KL Central. When we were there, I told Adam of the movie I've just watched. The Next, which incidently took place in Strasbourg, a place where Adam spent his formative years. Anyways... Suddenly a boy "menyampuk" and asked Adam is he could speak French. So that was his opening line lah. He's not cute, so I couldn't give a damn about him...

The boy is half-Polish. Very cherubic looking (read: baby fat all over). Not really that attractive. It was clear that he was hitting on Adam, though. I told Adam I wasn't impressed, unless the guy who was hitting on him happens to be a good looking abang Melayu. Then, I will salute him and give him a "Tabik Ratu". Now, getting oneself approached for a phone number by a 17 year old is no big deal. It could happen to anybody, knowing how horny them boys are nowadays!

Went to meet Rohaizad later that evening at Mid Valley. Talked to him about Bisik, a book I suppose to review for Kakiseni. We shared our views on the plays that were featured in the anthology. After dinner, we headed to Pasar Malam Bangsar...

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