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wWednesday, January 28, 2004

Asian Heritage Row

Asian Heritage Row

I think I am very contented with my car right now. I am very happy with it. I am beginning to fall in love with it. I am taking care of it as if she is my lover (my car is a she??? Don't get any ideas. If she's a human, she'll be my fag hag, or my closest lesbian buddy. Nothing more).

Anyways, yesterday I went to have dinner at Gazebo somewhere in USJ with Faiz and Resham. Ate a lot despite wanting to loose weight. Craved for a fag. I thought Resham would bring a packet, but he had quit smocking and hoping to start a healthy lifestyle (ie. Gym, hiking… clubbing!).

Okay… I thought I want to really quit smoking. I think I should.

Tonight I'll be heading to MATIC to watch Dejavu. I'll be taking lots of photos, of course. So watch this space!

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