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wFriday, December 05, 2003

Projek Suitcase Preview 1


Projek Suitcase 2003 (L to R): Rosdeen Suboh, Nam Ron and Mohd Kamaludin Mohd Daud.

Last night I did all my laundries… using both of my washing machines. Hopefully my comforter will be dry by tonight. I cooked my own dinner. Nothing spectacular.

Finished reading a book entitled 'Out East in the Malay Peninsula' By G. E. D. Lewis. I think I am going to review the book.

Tonight I be watching a play entitled Prism at the Actor's Studio. I've gotten myself a complimentary ticket courtesy of I'll bring along my camera. I'll see if I can take some good pictures of the play. Hopefully they'll give me the permission.

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