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wThursday, December 04, 2003

Pink in JB


Yesterday, I went home and felt so lazy allover. I shouldn't make my home so comfortable. It's like a great place to chill. Once I reached home, I just couldn't do anything but to watch TV and vegetate. And I thought I should do some running yesterday…

But I did a little bit of laundry. A little because I have to seperate my laundry (colours, whites, fabulous shirts that need extra care, etc). There were so many things to wash, and I forgot that I have two washing machines (I could have used both of them and save time). I have two units of apartment next to one another and I have often forgotten about this -- two sets of kitchen, one dry and one for cooking. Two fridges. Two sets of TVs... Well, basically, two sets of everything.

Bro and my aunt from time to time use the other apartment. It's empty now (Bro is on his semester break). So, I have plenty of spare rooms. In my own unit, I have a room that I turned into a walk-in closet, a room for gym and ironing and of course, my boudoir (BTW, Dia and I are planning to paint our room in this particular colour used in the Jedi Temple. The colour is in the shade of dark pink... maybe crimson). The next unit, a study room, a guess room used by my aunt and a room for Bro. Dia and I had never slept in the other unit. In fact, we seldom spend our time there. I can't figure out what will become of the unit once Bro had graduated and finds a job in JB (that what he wants).

In 5 years time, I'll probably rent my apartments out. I want to get an apartment somewhere in Bangsar. It's a nicer neighbourhood over there.

Dia will not be around till Sunday. His grandma just passed away yesterday.


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