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wWednesday, December 17, 2003

Monsopiad & lain-lain Cerita 1


Monsopiad & lain-lain Cerita 2


Went to's housewarming/open-house/ last night. Waited for Adam at Asia Jaya LRT station for a while before heading to Kakiseni's office. We were distracted when we saw some guys playing soccer at a nearby field, and decided to lepak there before we went to the party. We later told a couple of friends at Kakiseni that we went 'birdwatching'.

The party was cool and the foods were great. I finally get to meet Antares, a fellow writer who thought that I am younger than what he had pictured me before. I told him that I'm going to be 30 in a few days time. But he said, he thought that I'm in my 40's. Jeannie, the new Editorial Assistant at Kakiseni thought that I'm actually a middle-age Malay man. Haiyoh... How come lah? Was my writing (read: reviews and previews) really that precocious?

But you know who is really precocious? Zedeck Siew... Met him like, 3 times already this last few days. He's only 17 and already has his short story published (Silverfish New Writing 1). He's going to write reviews for Kakiseni. I can't wait to read his reviews :)

Adam tagged along to accompany me shopping (we left the party early). We went to Metrojaya. I bought a pair of cuff-links. I think I kinda like walking around with him when we have so many things in common. We can joke around and we kinda share the same griefs in life. And he's a capricorn like me. He'll be celebrating his birthday this new year. Me, a couple of days after his...

BTW, tonight I'm heading to KLCC to watch a charity premier of LOTR: The Return of the King. Got the ticket from a friend. Feeling rather excited for the whole day.

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