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wMonday, December 29, 2003

Jangan Bunuh Sam 3

Jangan Bunuh Sam.

Jangan Bunuh Sam 4

Jangan Bunuh Sam .

Let me try to recap what I did last weekend… I went for a driving lesson. Then I headed to MidValley with Rozaimi and Adam. We didn't do much but window shop etc. I bought a shirt from Zara.

Later in the evening, I went to a cool party at Pang's place with Rohaizad. I was having a great time there. Met a few interesting people. We couldn't stay for long because we went clubbing after that.

Waited for a few more friends before I dared to enter the club. Didn't do much inside it as usual. Did a lot of posing.

On Sunday, met Azam at KLCC. Did a lot of catching up. Received an SMS from Muzz… He has the tickets for Juara Lagu. So there you go, I just can't resist going to Juara Lagu with him.

Juara Lagu was great fun. It was like watching a concert/opera.

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