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wFriday, December 26, 2003

Jangan Bunuh Sam 1

Jangan Bunuh Sam.

Jangan Bunuh Sam 2

Jangan Bunuh Sam .

I went to Ulu Yam yesterday. Took some interesting photos. Saw some queer friends of Az on our way back. Like, I knew they were queers from the very moment I saw them. Like, what else one could say when one sees a group of good looking men congregating together, right?

Went to Az's place. Watched Monsoon Wedding again… Then, we exchanged our Palm's keyboard. I certainly appreciate that he gave his newly bought keyboard with me, because it is less flimsy than mine.

I'm not working today. Not going anywhere, either. Just chillin' out. Hated the fact that I have a driving lesson tomorrow and test on Tuesday!

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