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wTuesday, November 11, 2003

Toll Sungai Besi


This photo was taken by me at the Sungai Besi Toll when I was on my way back to KL. I stayed for quite a while in JB. Did nothing but shopping. Bought a new cool looking gym bag.

A blogger who is currently studying in the UK was kind enough to point out a place where I should stay in London. Berjaya Eden Park, is the name of the hotel. The rates look descent enough.

From my experience, UK hotels can be rather crampy (just like British Airways!). Well... can't complain, really. I just need a place to crash. Since I've been in and out in London, I don't care too much about walking around by myself. I guess it's okay to walk with my parents and show them around. I can't figure out what senior citizens like them would like to see in London. Well, I know what I'll go for.

I think I'll spend about 3 days in London. Hopefully there's a leave-bag facility at Heathrow. It'll be a stopover trip to London. Nothing much, really. I would like to concentrate the bulk of my trip to New York City. I wonder if I should stay at a youth hostels. I've never done this, staying at a youth hostel. Maybe this time around i should bite the bullet and just stay there. Well... Bro will be with me.

Much of the spending will be on paying for room and boards. Well, I seriously have to make as much money as I can.

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