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wWednesday, November 19, 2003



I broke fast (this doesn't sound right somehow, but please bare with me) with Dia and a friend at KLCC last night. After that, Dia have to go for a function. So we went on our separate ways. My friend and I went shopping. I registered a new line with Maxis (simply because I wanted the data line service and GPRS). I've gotten tired with TmTouch because I can't SMS to Singapore, thus I can't Phlog! Irritating isn't it?

I've opted for the normal package, not the fancy packages where I have to play a flat rate. I don't really use my mobile to chat, so why bother? The only people I call would be Dia, Mom, Bro and sometimes my closest friends. My TmTouch bill only amounts to a maximum of RM 70 per month. To some people, this might indicate one's flugality or worst still, one's lack of social and personal relationship with other people. But really, if you want to talk to me or contact me, please do e-mail or YM me. I'll be more than happy to write or chat with you. I prefer to meet people and talk to people face to face.

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