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wTuesday, November 04, 2003

China 8


China 9


Yesterday, Dia and I went to KLCC. We break fast at Chillies. Dia's treat. The food was so-so.

Bro told me that dad is following us to the States. Haiyoh! What a drag! I'll tell bro to bring him around lah. He's way too old to follow me walking like, all over Chicago and New York by foot. Dia suggested that we drive, but really, American cities are not made like KL. You just cannot drive everywhere in a city, park your car and move from one place to another. Parking can cost a bomb as it is. In NYC for example, it is more feasible to take the subway and walk.

Oh, yesterday I bought two tickets to watch Matrix Revolutions tomorrow. Like, I was initially told that I will get seats that suck big time. But when they guy was checking for the seating arrangement, suddenly there was a couple of good seats for us. Three rows from the back!

We saw a lot of queers in KLCC as usual. I don't know what they were doing there, perhaps shopping for Raya. Maybe they should hold to their wallets till next week. The Mega-Sale is on from 8 November.

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