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wMonday, November 03, 2003

China 6


China 7


Didn't do much last weekend. I had spent most of my time at Dia's kampung. I had this divine inspiration to write, so I wrote. It was fun writing, while it lasted. And due to the turn of event that's happening in my novel, I've just figured it out that I may need Volume II for this book. It's a huge book. I can't pack everything in one book, it seems.

Pak Lah is now the PM. I hope that brown-nosers everywhere will come to their senses and finally discover that the person to suck up to right now is not Dr. M but Pak Lah. Anyway, Malaysian politics has never really interest me. You have to understand... I grew up when Lee Kuan Yew was a PM and later on, PM Goh. I do not have a Mahathirism guilt in my blood. I didn't grow up in an environment where I have to worship top civil servants and kiss their arses (and then expect me to be greateful, for doing things that they were supposed to do in the first place... For overseas readers, this is the reality in Malaysia, so take note). I grew up in an environment where these top civil servants are expected to do their job and to serve their constituency accordingly. Of course, things are never perfect in Singapore, but the level of transparency are there... perhaps somewhere lah if you care to look for it. At lease over there, wistle-blowers are not punished (please refer to the case of Irene Fernandez, Ahmad Noordin and the late Suffian Hashim).

Whatever it is, I have great respect of Pak Lah. More than anyone else in the Cabinet. I just hope that he is not a 'yes man'. I just hope that he is more careful with the choice of his words. I hope that he is not as politically insecure as Dr M. I hope that he will be a well-loved leader, not a leader who's in the wise word of Amir Muhammad: "His greatest contribution (to Malaysia) would be his eventual irrelevance".

Talking about Dr. M's eventual irrelevence, (and trust me, this will happen eventually) KLIA will always remain KLIA to me, the way Senai Airport is not Lapangan Terbang Sultan 'whasisnamagain?' to me.

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