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wFriday, November 07, 2003

China 14


China 15


Mom is not feeling very well. She said that she?s been like this for days. Yesterday, she showed me photos of Johan. She asked me if I want to post Johan's photos here. Oh dear, she's so into her Johan nowadays. Bro said, she just couldn't stop talking about him.

I?ll try to capture Johan's photo not by scanning, but by shooting it using my Canon G3 camera. I'll probably post his photo here on Monday.

Yesterday mom suggested that I?ll make a stopover at London before going back to KL on our US trip next year. Well, good idea, although London can be very expensive. Even more expensive than the States, since the Malaysian Ringgit could't go far there.

I am planning to stay in London, for at least 3 days. But where should I stay? Are there anywhere in London where it?s cheap to stay? I'll probably have to check for youth hostels in London?

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