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wThursday, November 06, 2003

China 12


China 13


I’m in JB today. I need some time out. From everything, really.

Yesterday Mom called Dia. She wanted Dia to be a pengapit (Best Man, I suppose) to Tom in Sis’ wedding.

Just now, Dia called Mom to tell her that he can’t be Tom’s pengapit. Mom was clearly disappointed, and so was I. Mom tried hard to convince Dia that he's the best person for the job because of all people, Tom is most familiar with him. It'll be easier for Tom to have a familar face by his side. But Dia adamantly stuck to his decision.

Mom saw from the look of my face that I just can’t believe that Dia had refused to become Tom’s pengapit. “It’s okay, we’ll find someone else.” She consoled me. Her voice withered, like an end to a billowing wind, although she had kept an undifferent look in her eyes. You know, one of those sad voices that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

I should've said these words to her, not the other way around. I should be the one who is strong enough to say these words.

All my life, I’ve imagined that by the time Sis gets married, I’ll have a significant other and my significant other will be the pengapit to my future brother-in-law. I know it’s weird, but that’s what I had in mind.

I don’t know lah… I’m just sad, extreamly dissapointed and maybe angry.

Whatever it is, I'll be taking tons of pixs during sis' wedding. Mom knows that I could take wonderful pictures of Sis and Tom...

Tonight I'll be watching Matrix Revolutions for the second time with Bro.

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