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wWednesday, November 12, 2003

Baju Raya

Baju Raya

I am not buying new clothes for Raya. There's probably no bonus this year for Raya, either. What a bummer!

Yesterday I discovered a pungent smell in one of the room that I use as a walk-in closet. I hate the smell! I suspect it's the smell of Taib's urine. He's a male cat, so it's natural for him to spray. I hate him. I told Dia that I want to send him back where I'd found him. He's such a burden to us. He makes a lot of noise and does nothing but eat. He is so unlike Tipah. Tipah is such a princess. She only miows when I talk to her. Tipah never complains and she's pretty. If I'm a straight cat, I'll marry her!

Dia thought it's about time we fix Taib. See first lah... It all depends if I get a bonus this year or not.

My laptop needs a replacement. I am waiting for a replacement patiently. It'll be like, receiving a new toy. Hopefully the new laptop comes with Windows XP and USB 2 ports.

My legs are killing me. It's because of the leg works I did at the gym a couple of days ago. I did a few sets of heavy squats. And because of the pain, which is killing me as I'm writing this, I didn't get to go to perform my Terawikh prayer last night. I hope I can perform Terawikh tonight... I think I'll take some pain killer after break fast.

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