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wWednesday, October 22, 2003

Siddhartha 5


Something weird is happening to my house. It had happened a few times already. Like, someone switched on our air-cond. A few weeks ago, I discovered that someone switched all the lights and fan at my living room. So, last night it happened again. I went home only to discover that someone had switched on the air-cond.

So I went to bed... At about 4AM I discovered that my bedside lamp was switched on. Well, that's scary. I didn't pee on my pants or what lah... Got goosebums, though. I knew that 'something' was playing around with me lah. Haiyoh, why must that 'thing' waste my electricity one? I haven't paid my Tenaga bill some more! At least if it wants to do something to catch my attention... Do something productive lah, like feeding the cats, for example.

Anyways, I called Dia yesterday. Today it seems that Dia will be flying to Shanghai. I told him to visit the Bund. Also asked him to buy exotic looking Communist looking T-shirt, if there's any...

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