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wFriday, October 17, 2003

Siddhartha 1


Yesterday I took the theory test to obtain the 'L' license. I failed. I must be a retard. I've gotten the lowest mark amongst the people who took the test yesterday. 38/50. Imagine that. The uncle who took me to the test centre was shocked. He saw me typing away frantically onto my palm while waiting for the test to start... I was trying to write a review of Siddhartha for He said something like, "a computer literate person like you should easily pass, whhaattttt!"

Haiyohh... I failed lah, end of story. I just cannot answer most of the questions given. Crazy right? Nobody believed me when I told them I failed. It's like an unacceptable thing for them. Bro thought I was joking.

Nevermind lah... take the test again next week.

I went home and I finished writing the review by 2pm. And then I rest for a while. Took a nap and started writing again at about 3. Finished reviewing the Malay version by 4.15 PM and sent it to Dia to edit the text.

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