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wWednesday, October 08, 2003



Dia and I went to the preview of Dina Zaman's play called Harakiri. Dina turns out to be a very pretty young Malay woman. Before this, I had imagined her to be older, more demure looking. She looks cool.

I talked to the co producer, Dida Malik, who is a dancer, a trained stage and a film actress. She spoke eloquently to me and I really enjoyed her company.

Dia happens to know one of the actress in the play. They went to the same university in the UK.


Mom called just now. She informed me that Sis and Tom will get married this coming January. She had also asked me if I want to follow her to the States around April or March next year. I said, yes. Of course I'll say yes! I want to visit Chicago and New York again. I think a two-week visit would suffice.

Mom said she'll pay for the plane tickets but not my expenses. Ermm... I guess I have to set aside some cash just to travel next year. No more of giving away the cash I've gotten from my freelance work to charities (yes, I actually do this without guilt). I need the money to pay for hotel expenses in Chicago and in NYC. I need cash lah. I used to travel with little cash with me, but I was a tortured student, then. Now, I'm a tortured salaryman with bills to pay and the wants to spend...

I plan to stay in NYC for three days before flying back to KL. I need to visit a couple of museums in NYC. Bro will come along, of course. So is mom. I wonder if she has the energy to walk all over downtown like what I did while in NYC back in the late 90's.

Mom told me that he had met lots of Malaysians and Singaporeans while in Minneapolis (of all places!). They were the ones who approached her. I think it was because of the tudung she wore and that she looked so Melayu wearing her baju kurung and tudung. Like, how often do you get to see a makcik Melayu walking in downtown Minneapolis, right?

She told me that Johan is in his naughty phrase and that he can speak Malay. Thank God my sis has the sense to speak Malay to him. She said, Johan is extreamly talkative. She asked me if I think He's cute. I didn't answer. I'm yet to find him cute.

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