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wThursday, October 09, 2003

Harakiri 1


This is the photo I took when I went to the preview of Harakiri, a play written by Dina Zaman. From the right, sitting down is the producer of Harakiri, Ishak Allan. Sitting in front of him is Dina, and the person interviewed is Rajen. Who was oh, so busy that night :)

Dia came home late last night. I waited for him but I was so sleepy that I'd slept in front of TV. It was an unproductive night last night.

This morning I kept on talking to Dia about the possible trip to the States with Mom and Bro next year. I am excited with the prospect of walking around New York City in late spring. Dia on the other hand will be heading to China soon. I've told him to take some pictures to be shown here in my blog. So watch this space!

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