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wTuesday, October 28, 2003



Dia's finally home. I am glad he's home. He bought me a Mao T-shirt and a Mao pin. Can't wait to wear them T-shirts to the gym. He bought for himself a golf set. His transformation to a 'Melayu korporat' is complete :)

I plan to treat Dia on a break fast buffet session at The Palace of Golden Horses tonight. An expensive buffet lah. RM 60 per person. But since this is our first time breaking fast together, it's okay I suppose. The foods better be good! Hopefully, they serve not just a selection of Malay foods but western food as well. From my experience eating there, the foods are descent.

Last weekend, did lots of things, like watching two plays; 'Saksi' and 'Menunggu Godot' (or was it, 'Menanti Godot'?). Met lots of fellow writers that I had admired all this while. Like, they are around my age, but really, I love reading their works. I have an overwhelming respect of their works.

And while I was at Universiti Bangsar Utama, I finally get to meet Hishamuddin Rais personally. He wanted to talk to me but I was painfully shy.

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