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wFriday, October 31, 2003

China 4


China 5


Okay... What did I do yesterday? Nothing much. I tried writing my unfinished novel... then stopped. Oh, I watched the reruns of 'Just Shoot Me', and it was hillarious.

Did some calculations yesterday. I need to save some money before I can go to the States next year for a short two-week vacation. I would probably need at least RM5k for my spending money. I won't shop for anything silly lah. I just need to buy myself some books. Probably a poster or two. And since my nephew Johan is such a charity case, I guess I'll ended up buying him some toys and clothes.

This weekend I'll be spending some time at Dia's kampung. I have to get myself an interesting book to read. Well, I'll probably be writing my novel quietly. But there will be a slight problem there. I am too quiet. I cannot talk randomly about the weather. I can talk for ages if anybody ask for my opinion about the effects of Walter Spies' paintings in Balinese fine arts today... or when a queer friend start gossiping about his new trick. Or else, I'll just sit down and spend my time thinking, reading and writing.

I'm a very quiet person.

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